Our mission

Through increased participation in our governance systems, we are making the network more secure and resilient to attacks. We have designed a system that incentivises token holders to participate in governance. Read below how that looks in practice.

How we do it

Free NFTs

We built a UI that allows anyone to send customizable NFTs to voters of any past referendum.

Bigger vote = rarer NFT

For each referendum there are multiple types of NFTs with different rarities that voters will receive. The type of NFT each voter will receive depends on a “luck factor”. This “luck factor” can be influenced by a voter to a given extent. Wallets with more funds locked in democracy for longer periods are more likely to receive one of the rarer NFTs.

Minimum voting requirement

Wallets that do not meet the minimum KSM requirements will receive the least rare NFTs with a 90% royalty.


These NFTs are a visual representation of a wallets on-chain participation in Kusama governance. It would not be surprising to see Kusama projects and parachains integrate special rewards for NFT recipients. For more information on how to integrate the NFTs into your project and the associated benefits, please read here.

Our (vague) Roadmap

Bringing the project on chain: Our path to decentralization

  • Leverage OpenGov (Gov2) to decentralise the project. For more info read here.
    • All decisions regarding the project are made on-chain by Kusama holders.
    • Anyone can propose any changes to the project (Including NFT Rewards).
    • Kusama holders can delegate their vote to "Project Managers" so that their continuous attention is not required.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is this project trying to achieve?

Through our incentives we are looking to get more people involved in Kusama governance!

When was this project started?

The RMRK1 collection launched in referendum 171. In Referendum 181 the composable (RMRK2) Shelf collection was launched. In Referendum 232 the Frame collection was launched.

Are you affiliated with Parity or any other organisation?

No, this project was started by the community. The team behind it has no affiliations with any other organisation.

How do I get involved?

Come join our discord!. We would love to have you.

Will you expand to other parachains?

A major focus is to decentralize the project and through this decentralization also demonstrate a path for any and all parachains to implement their own incentives programs.

How is this project financed?

The project is financed through royalty revenues from secondary sales. Recently we also started to generate income through primary sales of some additional collections. The Kusama treasury has been very supportive and stepped in to help us cover our costs whenever we fell short with our revenues and to help us build faster.